Key West Stunning Sandbar Locations

Travelers to the Florida Keys have a fantastic experience waiting for them. Secret beaches, tucked into the crystal clear water. Shallow water islands waiting to welcome you for sun, sand, and relaxation. In some cases, these hidden gems are a beach party waiting to happen!

Welcome to the Key West sandbars! Think of a sandbar as being a small island. Seven stunning sandbars are similar to seven islands. Most of these sandbars can be found off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean.

Some sandbars are close enough to shore that you can reach them by kayak or stand-up paddleboard. But most are only accessible by boat. It is possible to find the sandbars with a Key West sandbar map and excellent navigation skills. But it’s far better to hop on board a scheduled charter or private tour and leave the navigating to your Capitan.

To protect the wildlife of the Florida Keys, Wildlife Management Areas cover most areas. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, in connection with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, currently manages 27 of these areas. Special rules are in place to protect the wildlife, such as no-wake zones, a no-access buffer, and limited closures. An experienced local guide will navigate these areas and get you out to the lesser-known regions.

Visit The Popular Boca Grande Sandbar

One of the most popular Key West sandbars, Boca Grande (translation: Big Mouth), attracts travelers and locals. It consistently gets high marks as the nicest sandbar for its calm, crystal clear water. The sandbar is located on the west coast of Florida, in the protected Key West National Wildlife Refuge. The water surrounding this sandbar is deeper than most of the others. It attracts friendly dolphins splashing and playing in the warm water. Fishing enthusiasts looking to fish from the sandbars, this is the place for you.

This area becomes crowded with boats and locals on weekends and holidays, partying and having a good time. If possible, try to visit on a low season weekday to avoid the crowds.

Explore Snipe Key

Snipe Key is a small group of islands northeast of Key West and west of Mud Keys. Snipe is a Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary member protected by a no-wake zone. This area is quieter than some of the other, more crowded sandbars. The water here is crystal clear, very shallow. Suitable for walking, swimming, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Make A Quick Trip To Woman Key

Woman Key, like Boca Grande, is protected by the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. Half of the beach here is closed to protect the wildlife. Loggerhead turtles like to nest here, on the beach and the dunes. Woman Key is just 13 miles west of Key West, making it a quick trip to get here.

Explore Mud Keys – 15 Miles Northeast Of Key West

Mud Keys, like Snipe, is a Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary member and is protected by a no-wake zone. In addition, two creeks on the west side are closed to provide a protected bird sanctuary.
The islands of Mud Keys are approximately 15 miles northeast of Key West. The Mud Keys are mangrove islands. The red mangroves attract various birds like frigates, ospreys, and great white heron.

Marvin Key

Marvin Key is located just past Snipe Key and northeast of Key West. It’s in a quieter area than the more popular sandbars, like Islamorada. Due to the shallow water with a rocky bottom, this sandbar is one of the hardest to get to. Its best navigated by an experienced captain who has made that passage before.

Islamorada Sandbar – Also Known As Whale Harbor Channel Sandbar

Located on the Atlantic Ocean side and only a mile offshore is the stunning and hugely popular sandbar of Islamorada. During the busy summer season, you’ll find hundreds of boats gathered here, turning the sandbar into a huge beach party. People bring out their beach chairs, barbecue grills, and sun umbrellas to sit in the shallow water and enjoy the party atmosphere.

Islamorada is great for families with young children, as the shallow water is an excellent place for swimming. While the crowds may be off-putting for some, keep in mind that there is a reason this sandbar is so famous. It’s great fun! Its location, not too far from the shore, makes this a great place to ride your jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Marathon Key

Grab your kayak and head out to Marathon Key. This is an excellent fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing area. You can get there by launching a kayak or stand-up paddleboard from nearby Curry Hammock State Park.

Go Sandbar Hopping In The Florida Keys!

Let us get you out to the crystal clear waters of Key West. Our experienced local guides know all the great spots to visit. But, of course, we call Key West home and take our own families out to the sandbars too.

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